How Hotels can use Social Media to Increase Bookings

How Hotels can use Social Media to Increase Bookings

Since tablets and smartphones started to become the go-to device of this generation, social media’s rise has proven to be an unstoppable force so much so that traditional modes of advertising almost became obsolete. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can give you access to potentially billions of people all over the world and the good news is they are cost effective too. If you are a global brand, this is something you need. Here are some tips on how hotels can use social media to increase bookings.

Definition of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing calls for grabbing attention and exposure for the benefit of the business or brand through social media sites. It is a promotional activity that entails taking images or videos as well as linking external websites or authoritative content and integrating paid advertisements through the sites themselves.

Social media is perfect for people in the hospitality industry such as hotels because platforms such as Instagram and Facebook provide an excellent vehicle to showcase products and services as well as to engage with current and new clients. Every social media platform features what is called a built-in analytics tool, that lets businesses such as hotels and restaurants to monitor customer engagement.  Moreover, social networks also include vital components that are relevant for people in the hotel industry and can assist marketers to establish an effective and comprehensive marketing strategy.

Establish a Social Media Strategy

Every journey begins with the first step and the initial step to any successful social media marketing campaign is to establish one’s own fundamental strategy. It is in here where you decide as a business how you think about your audience and what things they are interested in. At this stage also is where you must decide which among the social media platforms to use and also establish on what each platform will be used for exactly.  It is also in this area where you might want to implement some best practices or social media guidelines to follow so that your staff is all on the same wavelength. You also need to establish your demographics, who you want to reach as well as which social media influencer you would like to be on your side.

Set Measurable and Specific Objectives

Once a basic strategy has been set, the next step is to set specific goals and objectives for your campaign. Doing so can ensure everyone involved in the social media marketing strategy knows what end result you want as well as to help keep them motivated by providing a reachable goal. When it comes to goals and metrics, you do not merely say you want to increase your following on social media but set a specific target for your team to reach such as increasing followers by as much as 30% and then continuously measure your results.

Optimization of your Social Media Pages

You can easily increase bookings to your hotels by simply optimizing the information you present on your social media pages. People are always looking for information even if they do not know it yet. Do not wait for people to look for another hotel simply because they cannot find your contact numbers on your site.  Optimizing your site ensures you have all the information in place and less of the clutter.  This is done by providing a high resolution image to showcase your logo, actual images of hotel rooms and facilities as well as a link to the main website for them to book.

Consistency is Key

If you want to increase bookings to your hotel via social media you need to be consistent always. Social media platforms are all about engagement. A social media site that has little or no activity or interaction with guests is not going to be successful in its campaign. For the hotel industry you need to be consistent about what you post in order to keep people interested in your hotel. This means posting content on a regular basis and then engaging people that react to those posts. The more you stay on people’s radar, the more likely they are going to remember your brand when it comes to decision time.